What's In The Grab Bag?

Are trying to ruin the fun already?  We have created categories so that you have an idea about the contents of the grab bag – but we won’t tell you the specifics. Just give it a try and find out for yourself – choose from our wide selection of grab bag gifts and proceed to the checkout.

Who Are You?

This website started as a way to move excess inventory. We buy things in wholesale to resell on various sites. Then when we are down to a few items of each type, we hold them in our grab bag inventory. That’s about it.

We hope you will think this is fun way to send and recieve gifts and then tell your friends or share us on your social.  We’re also a great resource for white elephant or other secret santa gift exchanges because it requires you to do very little work; while still having a great gift to give to someone.

What if I don't like what I get?

Remember, this is supposed to be fun for everyone. We will be sure you get products that are priced at the VERY LEAST what you paid for the grab bag. We like to offer everyone great deals on stuff and hope that you come back and grab another mystery grab bag gift.

We want everyone to enjoy waiting for their mystery grab bag gift to show up and the excitement of opening it and finding out what’s inside. You may like it, or you may not. You’ll never know till you try!

Will I receive customer support like I'm used to?

Probably not… 

We do provide tracking information as well as order confirmation – so we are at least somewhat professional!  We won’t answer inquiries about what is inside and we don’t take returns.

If you buy something you don’t end up liking or you have “buyer’s remorse,” sell it on eBay. We don’t take grab bags back; and we sure don’t have time to re-stock anything.

If the item doesn’t seem to work, it’s could be your fault. Google your problem and see if other people had the same problem. Try to call the manufacturer and ask if they know.

This website is kind of like the lottery. You win some, you loose some… If you don’t like it, someone on eBay probably does…

What are my shipping options?

Either you buy it and it ships out from our facility, or you miss out.

We try to ship by the most cost effective way possible while still allowing you to get your order in a reasonable amount of time.  It’s not 2 day prime shipping.

Right now, we are shipping items out using the US Postal Service, but that could change. Who knows?

Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not ship outside of the continental United States at this time. We do not ship to APO/FPO addresses, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, or Hawai. It just costs us too much. If you must have one and you live in the aforementioned places, contact us and we will try and work something out.